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7 Minute Workout - Weight Loss


High intensity 7 minute workout to lose weight, tone muscles, burn fat and improve cardiovascular health at home based on a study of McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario. A fitness personal trainer to motivate and guide you.
A specific bodyweight workout designed to burn fat in the shortest time possible.
Lumowell offers you a great workout for weight loss, toning legs and arms, tone your butt and have a flat stomach in a short period of time.
The Scientific 7 Minute Workout Video:
Scientific research has shown that even 7 minutes of HIIT exercise a day provides heart health benefits.
The 7 minute daily exercises plan allow you to train your abdominal muscles, chest muscles, your butt, thighs, and Legs, arms and shoulders.
A fat-burning workout routine to firm up the body.
Unlocking the advanced version of total body 7 Minute Workout (PRO version) you'll get:
- Advanced exercises for more effective results- Weekly meal plans to develop healthy eating habits and lose weight fast- No advertising - Stretching cool down workout that help you relax and improve the muscle's elasticity- 30 day fitness challenge workout
App by Ego360 for Lumowell / Lumofit project